Worldfavor 为Opal业务员开展培训

Norway’s Transparency Act, which requires companies to ensure that human rights and decent working conditions are respected in their operations and supply chains. Dalema Group’s Quality and Sustainability manager, Johan Kolseth Rian drives the collaboration with Worldfavor Platform, a web-based sustainability platform and vendor evaluation tool. The assessment will cover critical environmental, social and governance […]

Qarma app的全面使用

In order to effectively promote Dalema group’s quality control, supply chain management and customer satisfaction management, Opal introduced Qarma inspection tool from Denmark. Qarma inspection system is now widely used in a variety of industries, serving as a bridge between brands, retailers, trading companies and factories. Qarma system is a simple quality and compliance tool […]

Home Brands Holding 供应商的食品接触材料安全培训

On 19 and 20 May 2022, Opal invited Bruce Ng, Technical Manager of UL’s Global Technology Team, and Benson Tang, Technical Manager of the Laboratory, to conduct a training on EU food contact material safety for Cervera’s key suppliers. A total of 32 suppliers including Taiwan and Hong Kong participated in this training. The training […]