Product areas

More than 8000 export items are listed in our product categories.

Whatever product you have in mind – let us help locate it, or if it does not exist – we will help design and manufacture it.
We visit regularly trade fairs and factories to find the best suppliers in the world when it comes to furniture quality, design, and comprehensive prices. For every room that is part of a home.
Opal has traded garden furniture for more than 25 years all over the world. Our cooperation with manufacturers in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia ensures the production, quality, and price.
We keep our finger on the pulse of the market and visit fairs all over the world to offer a range of products, whatever style is preferred. From the right quality to the right prices.
We have both the network of manufacturers and the know-how when it comes to sourcing yarn and other textile products. From the right quality to the right prices.
Indoor and outdoor lighting, let the darkness fade with the right style, quality, safety standards, and right prices. We have supplied and manufactured decorative and functional lighting over years.
We have a long history and experience in selecting kitchen products and porcelain that meet the requirements of both master and amateur chefs, and the items to set a table, all according to the international food safety standards.
Trading in artificial plant and flowers has led us to the largest importers in Europe. Our skills and passion will benefit our customers in combining the right materials, colors and quality, and achieve everlasting results.
Indoor, outdoor, summer and winter. Activities and sports – we offer a range of quality products, from garden games to advanced sports equipment, to our customers worldwide. Trampolines, pool tables, roller skis and more from reliable manufacturers in Asia.
We provide handy tools according to our customers’ needs and have the expertise in this field. Custom designs or standard products, we assist from start to finish. Leave it in our hands.
We have a large network of manufacturers who brings vast experience in bicycles and bicycle equipment, and the production ranges from children’s bicycles to electric bicycles. We design and control every detail from start to finish.