Merchandiser service

More than 3,000 good reasons

That is the number of suppliers we collaborate with. Suppliers we know well and trust after many years of trading in the Far East. Our network continues to grow and develop according to the market demands.

The more, the marrier, as long as the suppliers meet our quality standards, are sustainable, and understand cost-effectiveness, we are happy to welcome on board.

We have our own merchandisers who keep all contact with the buyers and the factories and follow up orders and production. Precision regarding delivery and product quality are two key factors, and the merchandisers and buyers work closely as a team. The merchandisers have expertise in various product areas, in addition to great communication, interpersonal and teamworking skills. They are located at one of our offices in Asia and are the link to the category manager in Norway, who they provide with constantly updated status and information that ensures everything follows the schedule. They have extensive knowledge of manufacturers within their product areas, speak the language and have in-depth knowledge of production and materials.