Sustainability at heart

Working with Opal you can be sure that our business is carried out in a responsible manner, including both environmental effects and human rights. We believe that a sustainable way of business is the only way forward.

We collaborate with external test institutes that control different products in relation to different requirements. These tests show if products contain banned substances. During tests, certificates are issued which are used as documentation to verify that the products are according to applicable laws and regulations. Furthermore, we ensure that all manufacturers follow the standards contained in the Code of Conduct.

As a member of Amfori / BSCI, we have access to a membership register and can check which factories have approved memberships. We also do our own controls at the factories and follow up afterwards to assist and ensure that they get to the right level. An amfori BSCI audit helps our business monitor the supply chain to ensure that all suppliers are treating workers ethically and legally. We ensure that all our manufacturers follow the Dalema’s Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Ethical Trade by promoting decent working and environmental standards in the supply chains.

Dalema cooperates closely with their suppliers and business partners in pursuit of this aim. Accordingly, this Code of Conduct illustrates what is expected of our suppliers and business partners, and covers human rights, workers’ rights, the environment, and corruption.