Once upon a time in Asia …

It all started back in 1934 with export of fox fur to China, and later we started trading goods from China to Europe. Ever since, we have had good relations, from the factories to the government.

Opal became a part of the trading company Dalema Group in 1998 and has developed the company with offices and employees in Asia.

Today’s activities demand a great deal of precision in quality monitoring, stock handling and logistics, and the group is therefore represented with companies as close to the place of manufacture as possible; the role which Opal possess. Opal enjoys high reputation in good quality, reasonable prices, and fast delivery to our customers and have the export license to operate in this market.


It all started with export of fox hide or fur China.


Our first office was established in Guangzhou in China and are today our head office.


The Malaysia office opened in Kuala Lumpur, to cover the South East Asia with emphasis on Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and India.


The Vietnam branch office in Ho Chi Minh was established to support the office in Malaysia and increase the focus on its own region.


The branch office in India was established in New Delhi due to the increase of export articles and goods from India.


The office in Hangzhou was established to cover all activities in China.