Quality control

Control the quality with quality control

Human mistakes happen from time to time, but our proactive Quality Control teams have an important role to prevent this. The quality control is a main key for any companies dealing with suppliers. We make no compromise on integrity and honesty and maintain the highest ethical standards.

High-performance QC

Our network of QC teams is working all over the Far East to ensure the quality and standards, and we get all the information about any production issues and shipping delays in advance. We have established a high-performance QC vendor database. The main task is to reduce risks associated with poor quality, loading, storage, transportation, and non-compliance with regulatory requirements. Also, to ensure that contractual obligations are met in specifications, packaging, marking and delivery.

The QC team does in-line inspections to catch quality issues as early as possible, and if so, a corrective action plan is given the supplier. This documentation makes sure it gets repaired appropriately and avoids the same problem to repeat itself. We always look ahead to find solutions.

Full implementing of Qarma app

In order to effectively promote Dalema group’s quality control, supply chain management and customer satisfaction management, Opal introduced Qarma inspection tool from Denmark.

Qarma inspection system is now widely used in a variety of industries, serving as a bridge between brands, retailers, trading companies and factories.

Qarma system is a simple quality and compliance tool that transforms orders into inspection tasks and provides all-round control. It assists our inspection and compliance process in all aspects, from arranging inspection, implementing inspection to submitting inspection reports.  Standardizing the inspection process enables inspectors to improve efficiency and collect accurate information and data at each checkpoint, thus making inspection more objective and accurate.  Merchandisers and buyers can review reports online, add comments, and set follow-up, re-inspection and other tasks.  Management can see data analysis, defect distribution, supplier performance, KPI performance of QC, etc

After more than a month of related training for merchandisers, inspectors and managements, Opal launched the Qarma app in China, Malaysia, Vietnam and India from June 2022.

Third-party inspection

Opal manages the internal quality control as our QC teams are specialized in the products and global standards. It ensures the goods’ quality, standards, and competitive price. We offer third-party inspection to help customers reduce the risk and ensure the quality and safety before products are shipped. This independent inspection service will protect your business interests and minimize defective products to reduce complaints.

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