Opal China

The missing link – in China

With approximately 35 employees working in Hangzhou and at our head office in Guangzhou, we take great pride and responsibility in following up on all orders and providing an efficient process from order to shipment and delivery to your doorstep.

Key factors

Through our extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers, we can source and negotiate any products to our customers, standardized or completely customized. We offer services like graphic design, merchandising, photography, quality control and shipping. Our goal is to ensure an overall high quality, competitive prices, and fast delivery, to meet all the customers’ unique demands, requirements, and expectations.

The basis of our knowledge is International trade, Ethical and International standards, and development and adaptability are key factors to succeed in this market. Visiting the many trade fairs throughout China, we get an update on the changing trends, new methods, products, and manufacturers. All information is stored in our database, which is beneficial for all our customers.