June 8, 2022

Food Contact Materials Training for Home Brands Holding suppliers

On 19 and 20 May 2022, Opal invited Bruce Ng, Technical Manager of UL’s Global Technology Team, and Benson Tang, Technical Manager of the Laboratory, to conduct a training on EU food contact material safety for Cervera’s key suppliers. A total of 32 suppliers including Taiwan and Hong Kong participated in this training.

The training course mainly included the European food contact material market situation, food contact material regulations, compliance statement, common test method briefing, safety recommendations, etc.

After the training, there was a question-and-answer session. Some representatives actively asked some questions about the usual tests, as well as their prospects and preparations for future food contact material safety tests. The lecturers answered the questions patiently and gave suggestions according.

After the training, Opal sent a questionnaire to all the supplier representatives who participated in the training in order to understand the effect of the training and to accumulate experience for better training in the future.

Opal aims to drive the integrated capabilities of suppliers to achieve cost, time, and efficiency optimization. Opal is playing an increasingly important role in helping Dalema Group in global sourcing.