April 27, 2023

Merchandisers learnt BSCI / Amfori Knowledge


In order to meet Dalema’s requirements on sustainability development of suppliers, all merchandisers of Opal have learned online courses of BSCI / Amfori on 28 April 2020, and now know the relevant knowledge.


In order to ensure all merchandisers familiar with the importance of sustainability development for purchasing, especially the necessity of BSCI audit for supplier monitoring, Opal invited Allianz Testing to Opal office to introduce the new version of the Code of Conduct of BSCI on 30 July 2021. The lecturer explained the new edition of the BSCI system tools and management manual, as well as the BSCI audit requirements and 13 implementation areas. The merchandisers have a deeper understanding of BSCI after the course and learned necessary knowledge for selecting suppliers that meet the sustainability development.

Online training

Onsite training