February 22, 2023

QC Annual Meeting

Opal held the annual meeting of QC on 15 February, 2023. All the merchandisers discussed with QC the problems during the inspection by departments in the past year respectively, focusing on the quality complaints of customers.  QC explained some problem often found during the inspection to the merchandisers, as well as the some difficulties they will meet during the inspection; The merchandisers also made some suggestions, particularly emphasizing the importance of functional testing in the factory to reduce quality problems in future work, which improve the work efficiency of QC.

After using Qarma APP for more than half a year, the timeliness of the report has been improved, and more buyers are involved in the review of the inspection report, which makes the communication more efficient.

Opal will pay more attention to the work of QC, control the quality of products and improve customer satisfaction.