March 22, 2023

TUV EEE Training

In order to let the merchandisers have a better understanding the risks of electrical and electronic products, and better develop products and choose manufacturers, Opal invited Eddy Liang, Senior Project Engineer and Flora Wang, Sales Specialist of TUV SUD, to give a training on electrical and electronic products testing of home appliances.

The lecturer introduced us the test of common household appliances, including directive, introduction of standards, such as CB, CE, GS certificates; And what should pay attention to during certification process, such as product data, electric shock protection, moving parts protection, risk assessment, waterproof requirements, fire requirements, etc. There is also chemical introduction for household appliances, such as RoSH, REACH, POPs, FCM and so on.

QC and some suppliers also participated in this training. This training gave everyone to have a better understanding of the knowledge on electrical and electronic equipment, which will be of great help to our future business.

Opal will pay more attention to product quality, reduce risks and better serve customers.