September 13, 2022

Qarma training for buyers

Qarma training for buyers

Qarma inspection system has been officially launched for three months. QC is becoming more and more skilled in using Qarma APP, completing reports better and better, and merchandisers are also operating in Qarma website more and more smooth.

Opal invited buyers of all Dalema Group to participate in Qarma using training on 30/31August, 2022, including Consillimo, Home Brands Holding, Cervera, Brusletto, House of Yarn, Kremmerhuset, Lauvring, Martinsen, Mr Plant, Tempo, Ultimate Nordic, Opal East Trading.  After the training, buyers have a better understanding of how Qarma work out and know how to review reports, create comments, follow up tasks, etc. on the Qarma system.

Meanwhile the key merchandisers of Opal also attended this training, the communication with buyers will be more tacit and faster in the future.

Opal provides buyers with a more direct and convenient way of communication, and plays an increasingly important role in helping Dalema Group’s global sourcing.

Full implementing of Qarma app Full implementing of Qarma app – Opal Trading